Adult Education: What Was Matthew Thinking?

What Was Matthew Thinking?

Parables in the Gospel of Matthew

Sundays, Jan 8 – Feb 26

Led by Pastor Mark

Jesus didn’t invent the parable, but he sure perfected it. It was probably his favorite way to teach, and it seems to have become his calling card during his ministry.

What Is a Parable? A parable is basically a short and simple story that illustrates a deep and important message (an earthly story with a heavenly meaning). Many times (in their culture and context) they were stories that were just absurd.

Why Tell Parables? Parables not only reveal something about the kingdom of God, but they also conceal things from non-believers. The disciples ask, “Why all the parables?” Isn’t it better to have everything laid out in the open? But Jesus knows the naysayers won’t get it no matter what he says. They’ve got eyes, but they don’t really see. They’ve got ears, but they’re not listening (Matt 13:13). If one is open to them, the parables are a revelation. If one doesn’t care, then he/she misses out on the message.

Why does Matthew include the Parables of Jesus that he does in his gospel? What’s his purpose? What’s he trying to get at? That’s the question we will be addressing in this Sunday morning discussion. We will first talk about the general message that Matthew is trying to address in his Gospel and then we will look at a number of the parables he includes.

No material is needed. Just bring your Bible.

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