8 Unique Parables of Luke

Sundays Jan 20, Feb 24, March 3
9:30am in the Chapel

Of the parables of Jesus that Luke records, Luke records 8 that neither Matthew or Mark records.  Why does Luke include these 8?  Which ones are they?  How do they fit his overall theology?  How do they fit in the overall portrait of the Jesus he is painting?

We will begin the study in looking at the themes and theology of Luke and then work through his parables.  Those parables are:
· The Good Samaritan – 10:30-37
· The Rich Fool – 12:16-21
· The Lost Coin 15:8-10
· The Prodigal Son 15:11-32
· The Unjust Steward  16:1-8
· The Rich man and Beggar Lazarus – 16:19-31
· The Unscrupulous Judge – 18:1-8
· The Publican and the Sinner – 18:9-14

Join us as we unpack Luke’s parables during Epiphany.

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