Sunday Adult Ed The Other Gospels: Heresy or Historical Treasures

Our Fall 2019 Sunday adult education course is entitled “The Other Gospels: Heresy or Historical Treasures.” This is offered on Sunday mornings at 9:15am. Pastor Berry has been blessed to be a member of an international team of scholars that has been working on the translations of many of these texts and who are charged with establishing the historical setting and significance of each of these texts to the early Christian community and the world. We will examine the following texts as well as others as time allows.

  • The Nag Hammadi Texts
  • The Gnostic Gospels
  • Lost Gospels
  • The Gospel of Mary of Magdalan
  • The Gospel of Judas
  • The “Q” Documents

Come Sundays at 9:15am in the Chapel. Bring a friend and your curiosity.

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