animate Faith

animate Faith

Central Practices of the Christian Faith

Sundays, December 6 – January 24
9:30 am in the Chapel

Starting each week with a video featuring a leading voice from our Christian faith, we’ll explore seven central topics of Christianity. animate FAITH is built on solid theology and allows us the opportunity to strengthen our faith through spirited discussion, wondering, sketching, doodling, journaling and sharing. The topics and leaders (the first four covered in greater detail):

December 6
Prayer – Oriented toward God

Brian McLaren
Prayer is one of the primary practices of Advent. Brian’s take on prayer is less about what prayer does or why we pray. Instead, he focuses on giving us permission to pray in ways that are meaningful, helpful, and life giving.

December 13
Money – The Joy of Sharing

Shane Claiborne
Money is a major component of the way our society celebrates Christmas. Shane’s message can easily be construed as political, but he asks us to look beyond -isms and -ologies to see financial generosity as a kingdom call, rather than a social position.

December 20
Worship – Seeking God’s Presence

Mike Slaughter
The worship services during Christmas are special and more highly attended than regular Sunday worship. For many Christians, worship is synonymous with just going to church. Mike challenges us to think about worship as a
much richer practice, one we can follow on our own and in community.

January 3
Service – The Needs Right in Front of You

Enuma Okoro
Christmas is a time when we tend to think of helping others – it’s the Christmas spirit. Enuma is a seasoned traveler, having lived and worked in countries on four continents. But she encourages us to see the needs around us. This local context can give us a new understanding of what service really looks like.

January 10
Food – Eating with Jesus
Sara Miles

January 17
Sacraments – A Tapestry of Traditions
Phyllis Tickle

January 24
Community – An Unexpected Family
Doug Pagitt

Resources for the class include an illustrated Faith Journal that provides space for reflection and prayer. Cost of the journal is $15. For more information, speak with Pastor Mark.

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