Easter Worship is a Moveable Feast: May 10th

Now that the CDC is recommending that groups do not gather for the next 8 weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak, on the recommendation of our synod Bishop and with approval by the Church Council, Trinity Lutheran Church has decided to remain closed for worship and activities until Sunday, May 10th.  On Sunday, May 10th, if we are able to regather for worship, we will celebrate Easter and the Resurrection, as it will truly be a resurrection!!!  Easter is a moveable feast, as its date changes every year, and so this year, we will “move it.”  On that day we’ll have brass, full music, bright flowers, breakfast, and celebratory worship!  We will do what we can to celebrate Palm Sunday and Holy Week virtually when they fall on the liturgical calendar in April.  But we’ll save the big Easter celebration for May when we can be all together again in person.

That does mean many things have ended for the time being: Sunday School, weekly Adult Education and in-person Bible Studies.  It also means we have to postpone events until the fall such as the Mission Trip Auction.  Groups are modifying: Committees and Confirmation are meeting virtually.  Call Committee is continuing their work via zoom, and so is Church Council.  The church office is open reduced hours, 8-4 M-Th.  No face to face meetings are allowed to occur.  Any exceptions to this must be cleared with Pastor Berry.

But we go on.  We know this community needs each other, and so we are planning ways for that to continue.  Chad is gathering resources to send to families to use at home – see some below.  We plan to email you regularly (at least every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) with information and resources to get you through this time of isolation.  We are having people share their Trinity story.  We’re recording worship that will be emailed to you on Fridays to use at your discretion over the weekend.  We’re setting up more ways to give to Trinity electronically.  We are looking into setting up virtual Trinity meetings, where you can chat with those you normally see in the narthex, and we hope to provide help for those who are technologically challenged, so they can engage, too.

However, don’t wait for us!!  Call those you miss.  Call the name of the people above and below you in the directory and get to know someone new to you at Trinity.  Ask if they need groceries.  If you are healthy and well, offer to run necessary errands for them.  Over and over, people say that Trinity is a family, so let’s not lose touch with each other during this time!   But if you are sick or even not feeling well, STAY HOME!

Remember, throughout scripture we are reminded that God is with us, and because of that promise we don’t have to be afraid even though these feel like very unsettling times. We are proceeding with caution, and are prepared to modify as we need to.  But this is also a chance to live out our faith!  Let’s BE the church in a big way during this time. Pray for each other, encourage each other, stay in touch, offer a helping hand.  Be who we are meant to be, the hands and feet of Christ.