Excerpt from June’s “Holy Post” from Matt Bethune, Director of Youth and Household Ministries:

FAITH5™ (Faith Acts In The Home) Presentation: June 18th at 9:15am at Trinity

Summer is a time for traveling and family togetherness. I’m personally thrilled to spend some time exploring my new home state of Colorado this summer with my family, and I know many of you have grand adventures planned as well. Remember that as you go on your adventures, God goes with you.

If you’re like me, sometimes finding activities to do during the journey to your destination can be challenging. What do you do during a 7 hour car ride to keep the kids from repeating, “Are we there yet,” 12,000 times? A great activity to do in the car, on the train, or waiting in the airport terminal is the Faith5. This is an activity where every member of your family does 5 things with one another—SHARE highs and lows, READ scripture, TALK about how that scripture relates to your highs and lows, PRAY for one another’s highs and lows, and BLESS one another. It can be a wonderful way to gauge what everyone is excited and nervous about with trips. Ideally, you can roll this practice into your daily schedule as well. It’s a great way to have some dedicated time to get to know your family on a deeper level and making scripture come alive by tying it to present highs and lows.

Worried about how to pick the right piece of scripture? Trinity’s got your back! Have you ever noticed that the weekly Trinit-E-Connection e-mails have an attachment in them? That attachment, called “Taking Faith Home,” includes all sorts of great resources, one of which is a daily scripture reading. Feel free to use that if you’re stumped on what scripture to use. If you don’t have e-mail, we can make printed copies available to you as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Faith5, I’ll be doing a session on June 18th at 9:15am. It’s absolutely NOT just for traditional families, either. Anyone who’s part of our Trinity family is encouraged to come. In fact, the more generations and last names we have represented the better.

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