Guiding Transition

Transition to a New Pastor

Sundays, Nov 4 – Dec 2

9:30am in the Chapel

Facilitators: Jim White and Nancy Smith

As we begin the transition to a new pastor we have an opportunity to again have conversation to discuss our character, for as we understand our character we can better seek the pastoral leadership we need to partner with us in living into the fullness of God’s presence as a mission outpost. The topics of the conversations include:

Nov 4 “Let’s Talk” – What’s on your mind?

Nov 11 “Let’s Talk” – What’s on your mind?

Nov 18 “Who Are We? – Defining our character

Nov 25 “Who Do We Want to Be? – Defining the character God wants for us

Dec 2 “How Do We Grow” – Living into our character

Come join the conversations. Bring your survey, your questions, your thoughts, and your dreams.

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