Lenten Small Groups Bible Study

February 8 – March 25  Lenten Spiritual Practices for Action…During the season of Lent we are invited to “struggle against anything that leads us away from love of God and other.”  Prayer, fasting, and works of love are the traditional components of the Discipline of Lent to help us in our struggle.  During Lent, the Adult Ed Committee is sponsoring a Lenten Small Group Bible Study in which we will be gathering as small groups for Bible Study.  The groups can meet in homes, coffee shops, at church, work, school, wherever the group decides.  The study is based on the book, “A World Worth Saving” – Lenten Spiritual Practices for Action by George Donigian.  Each participant will need to purchase a study book which will be $12 (Kindle versions are available).

The study will be composed of 7 or 8 people and will be led by one of the members of the group. You can gather your own group, or ask to be placed into a group.  A group might meet at a restaurant for breakfast or lunch, or, if no home is available, at church.  Groups will meet once a week, and once formed, will determine the meeting time and day of the week. The study is designed to run 1-2 hours.  (Non-members are invited and welcome).  As we plan for this study, besides participants, we will need study leaders/facilitators and people to offer their homes.  Please use the PURPLE form in the narthex to indicate your interest and level of participation.  The form is due back to church Sunday, January 31.  You may turn it into the church office, or place it into the box on the table in the narthex in front of the stained glass windows.  Groups will be announced February 7 and the study will begin that week.  Join with other members of our faith community in journeying together through a Lenten study that puts our Lenten Discipline into action. Contact the church office for more information.

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