Our Neighbor’s Faith

We live in a very pluralistic world. Our neighbors represent different cultures, politics, ethnicity, as well as theology. How do we live well with each other? One helpful way to begin is to understand first who we are and then who our neighbors are. Over the next few months we will be looking at several different religions and faiths of our neighbors, including Islam and Latter-day Saints. As we look at these religions and faiths that are different  from ours, we will begin by first looking at our own faith.

Making Sense of the Christian Faith

Sundays, April 8 – May 27
9:30 am Chapel Pastor Mark

We will look to David Lose, former president of Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and current senior pastor of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis to lead us. Using his book, Making Sense of the Christian Faith, we will explore the major theological doctrines of the Christian faith. His book is written as a conversation that invites us to “jump into” the conversation as the text stimulates our thinking instead of attempting to persuade a particular point of view.

The session titles:
Chapter 1: God Talk: Theology
Chapter 2: Original Blessing: Creation
Chapter 3: Missing the Mark: Sin
Chapter 4: East of Eden: Covenant, Law, and Community
Chapter 5: God con Carne: Incarnation
Chapter 6: Life Wins: Atonement
Chapter 7: The Body of Christ: Church and Holy Spirit
Chapter 8: The End of All Things: Eschatology

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