Adult Sunday Education Topic: Reformation Roots

Fall Adult Education: Reformation Roots

Sundays, Sept 3 – Nov 19
9:30 am in the Chapel

Do you ever wonder why we have so many Christian denominations and if there is really much difference between them? The answers to these questions lie in the dramatic and turbulent times of the Reformation. This series brings to life the stories and struggles of history and the interesting people who were instrumental in it that still impact us today.

Featured presenters in this series include: Martin Marty, Hans Wiersma, Victoria Christman, Darrell Jodock, Laruel Carrington, and Kirsi Stjerna.

The weekly sessions’ topics include:

Sept 3 From Night to Dawn:
 The Stage is set for the Reformation

Sept 10 From bondage to Freedom: Luther Rediscovers Grace

Sept 17 From Scholar to Provocateur: Luther Takes on the Church

Sept 24 From Priest to Outlaw

Oct 1 From Heretic to Hero

From Scholar to Father: The Domestic Luther

Oct 8 From Simple to Complex: The New Church Finds Common Ground

Oct 22 Swiss Reformation: A Rationalist’s Revolt

Nov 5 Radical Reformation: Revolution and Withdrawal

Nov 12 English Reformation: The Political Reformation

Nov 19 The Catholic Reformation: Reaction and Renewal

Join us for the sessions you are able; you don’t need to be present at earlier sessions to follow the subsequent week’s topic.

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