Why Advent?

Why Advent?

Sundays, December 1st & 8th
9:15am In the Chapel
Led by Pastor Berry

More than any other season in the Christian year, Advent calls for Christians to adopt a fresh temporal and existential perspective. Falling as it does after the long summer season of Pentecost, Advent asks us to look toward a rapidly approaching event, one that sets the Christian on an orientation point from which the entire drama of the Christian story will unfold.

But there is also a certain irony in what Advent expects of us. The irony, or mystery, of the Advent season is that we look forward with mounting expectation to a near-future event; the birth of the Christ child, the eruption of the Kingdom of God, and the dawn of a New Age. Yet these are events that have already occurred at a specific moment in past history. In order to see these events as future and imminent, we must adopt the perspective of scriptural texts, in which the nature of God’s intentions for Israel, the church, and the world are sketched out, as lying in a future ripe with promises about to be fulfilled.

On December 1 and 8 we will be examining Advent in an historical as well as in a modern context. We’ll see how the church has celebrated Advent in the past and how the church celebrates (or not) Advent in the present – all the while looking forward to the coming of Christ in the future.

Join us at 9:15 am on these two Sundays as we explore Advent! And by the way, enjoy the present Advent season!

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